Welcome To LITS.

Ours has the best practice to perform with most leading programming language to develop world’s top rated product quality as wish as customers or beneficiary satisfactory. Now a days the technology & architectural methodology which is the best regards to utilize for global platform. We can consider with C, C++, C#, JAVA, PYTHON, and PHP as a peripheral programming environment with front support just like with Angular Js, ExtJs, NodeJs or plain Java Script, HTML & CSS. As well as the SQL is the best way to store data with secure way by using Oracle DB or MS SQL server, can also Postgress, Mysql, MongoDB will be perform. We have to agree to utilize the great platform framework of JAVA as like spring, Grails, Hibernate, Struts, PrimeFace, IceFace, Swing etc. Now a days the Android Mobile Application developments or i-Phone can also to be performed with PhoneGap or Cordova Frameworks. Finally ours has the great goal to support our all type customers. Ours has a great team to support Software Testing by manual or by Automation business logic. The great team of Hardware & Network support is the primal activities to goal indeed. Welcome to Lits BD! We are glad to serve our country and local area with leading way. We are thankful to ours most effective team & customers for their great support to us.

Online Banking & Bulk SMS service

Lydia is our online banking system which to satisfy our banking sector with online money transaction, daily customer transaction, mobile banking, bulk sms service, ATM & visa card operations.

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Software Testing & Automation

Our best team are always ready to get the challenge & they are capable to perform with dedication to test any-type of. Using selenium & Canopy we serve the UI Test, Manual Test, Acceptance Test, Integration Test & Unit Test.

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Software, Hardware & Network Services

Our's has a expert team to support 24/7 & we serve our own server to our customer with the best practice SaaS, PaaS, IaaS etc.

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